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Business Website Experts has been placing its clients

in the Top 10 of major search engines for 10 years through affordable and effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

Most SEO companies miss the mark when it comes to Top 10 results because over the years they have not adapted their off-page and on-page SEO coding techniques to evolve with the algorithm and other changes most major search engines employ to ensure no one games their systems. As we all know, those who don’t adapt don’t flourish. That is particularly true with SEO.

There's nothing more disappointing than finding out

that your great “website deal” wasn't so great. We deal with a fair amount of business owners who fall into this category. They find a “great” price”, don’t ask the right questions, and end up with a website that their potential customers cannot find during a search. In essence, they bought a brick and mortar store for a great price, then found out it's located in the middle of nowhere with no roads leading to it (unless they’re willing to fund a long-term, expensive advertising campaign to push people to their website).

The competition for Page 1 and 2 listings in the major search engines is intense. If you have the desire to be there, you need to back it with a website team like Business Website Experts that has a long-history of achieving Page 1 organic listings for its clients.

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